Etzold-Duvenhage is a fulltime member firm of the International Lawyers Network. The AEA is an international network of offices situated all over the world. In a world that is globalising by the hour, the objective of the Association is to offer services on a global scale. Like this, companies can count with a network of lawyers that perform in coordination with even guidelines, all of them English-speaking.

The members of the Association have an electronic forum through e-mail that allows them to share relevant judicial information, to know the legislation and jurisprudence news in their respective countries and to have a ready colleague always at the other end of the line to help them solve any doubts on legislation matters of another country member. Another advantage is that the net is integrated by medium-sized offices, avoiding the mistakes in which the big multinational offices incur.

The clients always get a personalised treatment, the responsibility in the matter is clearly stated, therefore is not diffuse, and the client is always in knowledge of whom he has to talk to.